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Introduction to Taabinga Wines
108 Flagstone Creek rd
Haly Creek, via Kingaroy.

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The Taabinga Station vineyard was first planted in 1995 from a desire to expand its agricultural portfolio. Early investigations had shown that the soil and climate in the South Burnett were very similar to conditions in the Hunter Valley region and that wine grapes had the potential to grow well.

Taabinga Station was one of the earliest to plant vines in the district. Taabinga is committed to producing the best wine possible from our small vineyard and our hope is to continue the tradition of excellence which has been Taabinga's guiding principle for over 100 years.

The first of the vines, Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay were planted in 1995, making them some of the oldest in the district. An experimental area of Merlot was planted soon after. All the varieties grown at Taabinga are used in our winemaking. The grapes are always handpicked and the vines hand pruned.


Sugar Gum Shiraz 2003
Winemaker: Peter Scudamore-Smith
Arm Gully - Single vineyard
Hand picked
2003 was a hot, dry summer yielding good quantities of fruit.

Distinctive Queensland style Shiraz. Light, red berry filled mouthful with a peppery finish. It is a gorgeously coloured Shiraz which sits well in the glass. It has improved beautifully with cellaring.

Cost End of run special: $15.00 / bottle
$160.00 / dozen

Grey Gum Chardonnay 2004
Winemaker: Peter Scudamore-Smith
Arm Gully - Single Vineyard
Hand picked
2004 began warm and dry which maintained until the chardonnay harvest.

A true South Burnett style Chardonnay, golden in colour with a peach and nectarine flavour developing hints of honey as it warms. Due to a different production method this wine has developed crystals or 'diamonds' since bottling. These do not affect the taste or quality of the wine. Chill before drinking.

Cost End of run special: $15.00 / bottle
$160.00 / dozen

Codger's Run 2004
Winemaker: Peter Scudamore-Smith
Arm gully + shed paddock blend
Hand picked
Vintage was hot and wet at picking

This is Taabinga's first shiraz, cabernet sauvignon, merlot blend. Due to the very hot weather just before picking this red blend developed a higher concentration of sugar and slightly higher alcohol, resulting in a wine which is light and slightly sweet. It tastes of red currents and blackberries. It is a good wine for those just beginning to drink reds. It is a perfect accompaniment to hot, spicy food and because of its higher sugar content makes a very good cooking wine.

Cost End of run special: $10.00 / bottle
$100.00 / dozen

Grey Gum Chardonnay 2005
Winemaker: Peter Scudamore-Smith
Arm Gully - Single vineyard
Hand picked
2005 was a warm-hot summer, with rain just before picking.

This is a zesty, dry white wine with citrus and melon flavours, full of Queensland sunshine. Pale lemony/green in colour it gives a little zing on the tongue before settling into the glass. Chill before drinking.

Cost End of run special: $12.50 / bottle
$130.00 / dozen

Grey Gum Chardonnay 2007/08
Winemaker : Kevin Watson/Jason Hannay
Arm Gully – single vineyard
Hand picked
2007/08 – 2007 was a hot, dry summer which maintained through vintage, resulting in an excellent year for the chardonnay. 2008 was back to our usual summer weather pattern, beginning warm and reasonably dry, continuing hot, then finishing wet and cool at vintage.

This chardonnay has two years worth of grapes blended together to produce a wine with the best of both years in taste and structure. The result is a chardonnay similar to the fabulous 2004 vintage, warn and golden in colour , with the traditional Taabinga notes of peach and nectarine but also with a hint of apples in this vintage. The palate is crisp and intense but with a creamy lingering finish. Perfect with seafood, risotto and Asian dishes.

Cost: $20.00 / bottle
$240.00 / dozen

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